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Yachts without a skipper (bareboat):
Do you possess a sailing certificate and adequate experience? On these pages you'll find Spain's most beautiful and newest motor yachts, which you can rent without a skipper. These are classified according to area or region. We want to point out to you that all these yachts are also available with one of our professional skippers, just visit the 'Yachts with a skipper' link below.

Yachts with a skipper:

When you're looking for a carefree holiday with sun, sea and action, but you don't have sufficient sailing experience, this is the page to visit for an extensive choice of beautiful sailing yachts, which are only available with a skipper. These are also classified according to area or region. Because of the presence of a separate cabin for the skipper and/or crew, these yachts are highly suitable for longer charters.  

Historical yachts:
Feeling nostalgic? Love thinking back to the times that ships were yet made out of wood and men out of steel? Visit our Historical yachts section for an overview of all 'still original' historical sailing yachts. Obviously you can rent these yachts, including skipper and/or crew, for a delightful sailing tour on the water. Doze off in the sun after a lovely meal with the sound of rasping ropes and the rushing of the waves against the trunk of the ship. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that these historical yachts are also available for big groups.

Searching for a yacht:
Are you in a hurry? Or do you have no idea where to start? Azul Sailing helps you step by step with your search for the sailing yacht that best suits your wishes. When you fill in our form, immediately a list appears with all the sailing yachts that meet your requirements. This page is also very suitable for a quick search for the cheapest yachts in a certain area. In addition, you can find here ships which are not mentioned on our web page, but which could indeed be very interesting for you. Often these sailing yachts are somewhat older.

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