Cabin sailing "plus"

What is Cabin Sailing "plus"?
For considerable time Azul Sailing have organised cabin sailing charters. Cabin sailing, like the word suggests, is about the possibility to join a charter on a boat and book per cabin; alone, two or three of you will set sail with a larger group of people. Now, how should you picture this? You book for example, your own trip to Barcelona where a lot of our sailing trips begin. You will embark on a Saturday and will of course firstly get acquainted with your travelling-mates, who may have different nationalities. From a standard list you will then all decide about the food you will stock. Together you go shopping and bring the food aboard. That same day you'll set sail to one of the Balearic Islands. The skipper will divide, with consultation, the various tasks aboard and shall make a schedule of who is keeping watch during which hours. After visiting one of the islands during this week you will return to home port.

The sailing week
Right after casting off you'll immediately feel the freedom of sailing. While enjoying the sunshine the mainland will fade slowly, until finally the only thing you see around you is water. You will gather for supper, after which you'll slip into your berths, unless you have the first watch where the tranquillity will be magnified. The next morning awaken to the fresh sea air, where you will notice in amazement that still, as far as the eye reaches, the only thing you see is water. If lucky, you'll encounter a school of dolphins, enthusiastically playing with the boat. Around midday a dash of shadow will slowly announce the arrival of one of the islands. The remainder of the week consists of swimming and snorkelling in beautiful crystal clear water in enchanting bays and excursions to age-old harbour cities. Sometimes you'll sleep in the harbour and go out to dinner together, at other times you'll sleep in a bay and cook your own food. At the end of the week you will begin your homeward journey and will eventually arrive in the harbour you left a week beforehand.

The yachts
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2 "Empress", date of construction: 2000. This magnificent yacht measures more than 15 meters. It has a blue hull and a teak deck. The ship has four luxurious cabins, all having their own bathroom. You'll share your cabin with one other person. The maximum number of people on board, without counting the skipper, is therefore 8. The yacht is equipped with a large kitchen, warm water, a shower on deck, TV, video, and many other extra's. The skipper has a cabin of his own.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS "Anna Katharina", date of construction: 2006. This yacht measures more than 16 meters and has, just like the other one, a teak deck and a blue hull. This yacht is the latest design of Jeanneau and is provided with all the conveniences you can imagine, identical to it's sister ship "Empress". This ship is fitted out with four luxurious cabins plus one extra for the skipper and is thus available for 8 persons and the skipper.

Do you need sailing experience?
No, you definitely do not need any sailing experience. Technically the skipper can handle the boat by him or herself, but he or she will very much welcome participation of crew members. Through experience we know that you can make this trip most worthwhile for yourself when you read the basics about sailing and navigating in advance. You'll be able to understand and apply the art of sailing a whole lot faster this way. This sailing week is also extremely suitable as a sailing course. The skipper can teach you all you wish to know and is enthusiastic about giving the helm to someone else.

What do you have to take with you?
Firstly, it is advisable not to take ´hard´ suitcases with you, these are difficult to stash away, take a foldaway, soft bag with you instead. We recommend you not to take too much with you in any case, after all space on board of a ship is limited. We do advise you to take along the following:

  • A (sheet) sleeping bag
  • (Beach) towels
  • Nautical footgear (no black soles or heals)
  • Warm sweater
  • Swimming clothes
  • Sun glasses and suntan oil
  • Cap or hat
  • Diving glasses and/or flippers
  • Your favourite CD's and cassettes

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