Dear Sailor,

First of all we would like to congratulate you on your intention of going sailing in Spain. There's no other country so versatile and yet so nearby. Spain has sun, beautiful bays, lovely food, friendly people and magnificent cities, of which Barcelona is one. Moreover you'll find a wide choice in renting sailing and motor yachts.

Our company Azul Sailing resides in Barcelona. This is where many of our sailing boats are hired, in the old harbour (Port Vell), as well as in the Olympic harbour (Port Olimpic)./font>

Azul means ´blue´ in Spanish: the beautiful colour of the Mediterranean and of many of our ships.

We dare say that we are a little different than most other charter companies. While surfing on the Internet you probably encountered many web pages of our colleagues offering yachts from Australia to Guadeloupe, from Oslo to Lisbon. Often these companies are established and based in Germany or in the UK and they know very little more about their yachts than the rent per week. Though this is their choice, Azul Sailing takes another approach.

As is usual in this line of business, not all the yachts we rent out are our own property. However, our principle is that we never hire a sailing yacht or motorboat before having been on board to ensure that the ship meets our stringent requirements. This means that we always know exactly what you take out into the sea. In the eyes of Azul Sailing a yacht is not for example, a Oceanis 361, but it is a ship with it's own personal name and character.

Because we limit ourselves exclusively to hiring sailing yachts in Spain, we chose to settle in this country. Therefore with our personal knowledge of the area, together with our own sailing experiences, we can offer you a number of important benefits:

  • You'll be able to communicate with us in English;
  • We know like no other the sailing area and can always offer you reliable advice based on personal experience. Including many tips about beautiful and not-to-miss harbours and bays.
  • Next to essential information about certificates necessary for sailing, you'll receive good advice about charming cities and nice restaurants;
  • While sailing we'll advise you per SMS on your mobile phone about oncoming storms. Although this is very rare, for us it is a comforting idea that you'll be safe in an harbour when the sea is getting rough;
  • We'll always assist you when unexpected problems are occurring. With our perfect knowledge of the Spanish language, the authorities and the Spanish culture we offer great advantages in solving unwelcome complications.

We would like to let you in on a well-kept winter secret. In Spain one can sail practically the whole year round. While only wearing a warm sweater accompanied by some pleasant sunshine, you can set out on New Years Day. We did it ourselves, believe it, it is possible! Spanish people will think you're crazy, but people like you and me, being accustomed to the North Sea or the Atlantic, know better. Apart from the fact that rents in the ´winter months´ are ludicrously low, cities like Barcelona keep their power of attraction outside the high season. Combine all this with the inexpensive or tickets, an affordable dream vacation is within everybody's reach: a sunny break during the cold winter months.  

Wrapping it all up, we hope to welcome you as one of our clients in the future. The price should not be the problem; for even when the ship is not ours, there are no hidden fees.

The only thing remaining is to say that naturally we are at your disposal for all your questions and remarks.

Hasta Pronto!

With nautical greetings,

The Azul Sailing team

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