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Since considerable time Azul Sailing organises nautical activities specially focussed on big groups of maximum 900 persons. Below you'll find a short overview of all the things we offer. Click on the related buttons for further details. When you still have questions, don't hesitate with contacting us: call +34 or send an email to info@azulsailing.es

Do you fancy an active work day-out with sun, wind, water and competition yachts dressed with your company's flag, fighting for victory? Azul Sailing makes a genuine regatta possible. You'll be sailing in modern competition yachts under the direction of a professional skipper. Check out our Regatta page for more information and prices.

Day trips
Azul Sailing offers the possibility of taking a breather after a strenuous conference or seminar. Make a relaxing half-day or day trip and dream away enjoying the sun and sea, and find peace of mind by the sound of softly breaking waves against the hull. Check out our Day trips page for more information and prices.

VThrough Azul Sailing a half-day or day trip on one of our super catamarans will become a reality. The catamarans offer room for up to 125 persons and are supplied with a bar and music installation: ideal for a sensational party in the sun. Check out our Catamaran page and click on the catamaran of your choice for information and prices.

Teamwork means combining the complementary capacities present in the team in order to create “synergy“. Smooth collaboration among crewmembers is, especially when sailing a regatta at sea, of the highest importance. Azul Sailing offers your company a complete 'Teambuilding“ package. Check out our Teambuilding page for more information and prices.

Luxury Cruises
Azul Sailing also offers luxury cruises in family or company relation. This is conceivable for a small group of for example, 10 persons, on one of our prestigious yachts where you shall want for nothing. But next to this we organise trips for big groups with a maximum of 900 persons on a luxury cruise ship. Check out our Luxury Cruises page for more information and prices.

Sea air can make you hungry and what a place to satisfy that appetite. Spain is a country with a rich culinary tradition. Azul Sailing enriches your sailing trips with the best delicacies the Spanish kitchen has to offer. We'll be happy to make reservations in a restaurant where you can enjoy tapas and a glass of Rioja while reviewing the just finished regatta. Check out our Catering page for more information and prices.

Satisfied Azul Sailing customers have described their experiences on this page. To a large extent these come from international companies. Visit our References page for specific company information. By clicking on a specific logo you'll enter the world of that organisation. If, for example you want to get in contact with the person in that company who organised the event together with us, give us a call at +34 or send an email to info@azulsailing.es

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