Teamwork means combining the different capacities present in the team in a way that they intensify and complement each other in order to create “synergy“. This is important, since in a world full of changes, our surroundings are changing continuously at higher velocity. This makes constantly higher demands upon companies, organisations and especially upon the people working there. A structural method is required to be able to use the available human capacities in organisations better, this is a process by which the organisation is developing systematically. Individual qualities will unfold themselves and teams will be formed.

One enjoyable way of intensifying smooth cooperation is sailing a regatta with modern competition yachts. After all without intensive teamwork you'll soon find yourself with flapping sails in the back of the race, while perceiving that your colleagues on another yacht are heading with respectable velocity to the first buoy. During an activity like this the emphasis is on dynamic collaboration in a pleasurable and relaxing atmosphere far away from daily occupations, far away from the world ashore.

In the first phase the supervision should be aimed at providing the crew individual beacons as soon as possible, which will help them accomplish their jobs flawlessly. During this phase it will be the skipper who's adjusting and solving the problems. The autonomy of the crew will be reinforced according to the development of the complementary qualities aboard. One slip-up of a crew member will be intercepted or even anticipated by his team members. During the earliest hours of sailing the skipper will inevitably be responsible for the evolution of the performances of his crew, though soon the crew will have to shift for themselves, after all: the value of a team is connected directly with the diversity and quality of the persons the team is composed of.

The regatta will take place in a team of course, but above that in an atmosphere of competition and in an ambience where it is important to notice opportunities and threats. In order to win the skipper has to make sure that in any case he has a good vision of the competition field. He works out the strategy and the tactics and chooses the approach that will lead his crew to victory. From this perspective instructing the crew and developing the teamwork are the means to achieve the goal, but is not the goal itself. For more practical information, like prices, visit the “Regattas“ page. Naturally you can always contact us when you would like to know more. We will enjoy offering your company a personalised proposal. Call +34 or send an email to

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